What are Yiggles?
Yiggles are bonus points in Ashampoo's new Premium system.
Check your Yiggles Account Status
Whenever you purchase Ashampoo products at our online shop or through certain promotions you earn Yiggles (bonus points), which are displayed in your MyAshampoo area. To become an Ashampoo Premium Customer you must earn 8,000 Yiggles. Do you think that sounds like a lot?

There are attractive goodies in store for you for while you're working to earn your 8,000 Yiggles. As soon as you have 2,000 Yiggles on your account you will receive a coupon code that entitles you to a 20% discount whenever you purchase digital Ashampoo products. When your account balance reaches 4,000 Yiggles you get a 40% discount coupon code, and at the 6,000 Yiggles mark it goes even furhter, with a 60% discount coupon code.

Then, when your Yiggles balance reaches 8,000, you will get access to our special Premium Customers area where you can use your Yiggles to "buy" products FREE, without paying any money at all. The available products and their "prices" in Yiggles are displayed in the Premium area.
Check your Yiggles Account Status
Want to know how to become an Ashampoo Premium Customer as quickly and cheaply as possible? Check our website frequently for special offers and read the Ashampoo Service Letter carefully as soon as you receive it - then you'll have all the information you need!

Three easy steps to check your Yiggles Account Status:

1. Click the button "My Yiggles Account Status"
at the bottom.
2. Enter your e-mail address and your password.

Check your Yiggles Account Status